Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's take some pictures!

Every once in a while I get enough energy to put the boys in the tub, get them looking spiffy, and then attempt a photo shoot in order to get some updated pics of the boys! Today was one such day and so I have some current pictures of these three boys. They sure make me work hard for a living... they ARE my joy!

Lil Hudson has been a bit of a surprise.... he has been a little more watchful and quiet than I thought of him. He is very content and less anxious about his little world. It is so fun to experience each of these babies and everyday I find something different about them... they are each one of a kind and we love them dearly. All three paint our days and nights in so many bright, outrageous colors!

Graham has really come out of his shell and he is showing so much personality these days.... He loves people, loves to cuddle, and loves to explore. I can always find him making a mad dash to the closest cord or outlet... and he will put ANYTHING in his mouth! ( needless to say he keeps me very busy).

There must have been something amazing on t.v.... otherwise I can't imagine why mommy wouldn't be more interesting to them....:)

Canon is such a proud big brother... and 95% of the time takes his job as oldest brother VERY seriously..................keep'n the troops in line!

"Ruba dub dub... three men in a tub"

No lie, some moments are totally overwhelming and even in those times I am completely overtaken by the blessings we have in these three boys! What an awesome responsibility Brycen and I have to raise three godly men, let alone get them all to adulthood. Thank you Jesus for our three babes!

Swim Day with our cousins!

Peanut Butter and Jelly for all....

Sweet Kylie....

"Spunky"Addison with her Peanut Butter Face....
Even though we have entered the first few weeks of June, we are still spending our mornings outside in the backyard. We are trying to squeeze every last bit of nice weather out of this month because we know from experience that is going to be unbearable before we know it! We decided to have Ky-Ky and Addi over for a little swim and a little muscle competition. These days are precious and I just had to grab the camara to document this! Hope you are all enjoying the start to these summer months, we know we are!