Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 Months Old...!

Graham just hanging out...being a perfect little man!

It's Tuesday... Grammy's day to play with the boys.
Hudson @ 5 months old!

Graham @ 5 months old!

I can not believe that we are already at 5 months. Their home visits from the nurses are going great and by all accounts they are healthy, happy, and growing like weeds. Hudson is usually leading the way on their quest to "DEMAND" food, but I guess that's what a couple of growing boys need. They are sleeping less and less during the day, so this tends to leave me scrambling for ways to keep the chaos to a minimum.. yeah right! As hard as things are some days, I am constantly reminded of the many blessings Brycen and I have in the form of these three boys! I find myself day dreaming of the future and praying that they grow up to be soft kind-hearted, loving boys who know their Savior and choose to love others. Some days we have a bit more patience for the task than others but we now that God will be faithful in this as He was faithful to bring these boys into the world healthy and full of life.
The Snydleys

Random January stuff...

Zoolights @ The Phoenix Zoo with the Gilchrists...
Yes, we acutally left the two younger ones at home... !

Josh, Marisa, Brianna, and Logan .....a very dear family to us!

Dressed for a colder evening in Phoenix!

Wouldn't have been fitting to watch the Cardinals win without wearing our Cardinals gear...!

Pinetop For Some Snow...!

Daddy and Graham enjoying a lazy morning infront of the fire!
Graham and Hudson relaxing after a "hard" day.

Canon's first experience with the white stuff!

A little unsure at first...............

The day after Christmas we decided to go up to the cabin in Pinetop for a change of pace and surroundings.. We pretty much stuck close to the cabin because of all the snow. Brycen and I did take turns going by ourselves to the local movie theater... yeah! We made soup, took bubble baths, played in the snow, watched movies, made fires, and anything we could think of to make it a great first "snow experience" for lil Canbino! Just a quick trip but so worth the preperation of packing up those circus!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

The only Christmas tree I wanted to fuss with this Christmas Season...
Just after Christmas Eve Service....
We had a quiet low key Christmas this year and just tried to really focus on Family, Friends, and the true meaning of the seasons... baby Jesus birth! All of the boys were dressed up for Christmas Eve service and this year we did something different and went to Auntie and Uncle's church. We spent Christmas morning @ Grammy and Papa Snyder's house and spent the morning diving into a beautiful brunch spread. We then went over to grandma and grandpa MacKinney's house for some relaxing dinner fun and a good fire... We missed Jill and Jeremy this year, but it was the California Families turn to have them... sad! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you all a eventful and successful new year.