Sunday, June 22, 2008

Canon making his way to Pinetop.....
A quiet moment... so precious and rare!
We have made it to our 28 week goal and we are praising God that He has protected these little babies day in and day out for all of this time. I am feeling great and a bit big these days and would definitely say that the nights are getting harder to get through and a bit uncomfortable. I know that this is only a small stitch of time and then before we know it we will be a house full of babies. Yikes! Brycen, Grammy, Papa, and Canon are finishing up a weekend in Pinetop full of Golf, movies, yummy dinners, and walks. Thank you Grammy and Papa for letting the boys come up and get a change in their routine. I believe they will all come back refreshed and ready to "tackle" these last several weeks!
Hugs and Kisses...
~28 weeks~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to pass the time....!

We are nearing the end of week 27 and can't believe that we are almost at 28 WEEKS! I know that we are not out of the woods, but there were some days when I wasn't sure time was going to creep all the way to the present. I had my weekly ultrasound for the fluid check and the boys are both doing well. The ultrasound showed that both boys are head up and I am definitely feeling the extra pushing on my ribs these days. ( I'll be sure to thank those boys some day for that! )

Grandma MacKinney came over on Wednesday ( her day to watch Canon ) and she brought a play pool with her. As you can see, the two of them had a blast and I even dangled my toes in the water as I lounged in a chair. Has anyone else noticed that it is hotter than blazes outside? I have been so sheltered these last several weeks by how brutally hot it has been and I am willing to accept that as my "silver lining" for now. Sometimes it's good to be in the dark about something!

I just pushed Brycen and Canon out the door for a long weekend up in Pinetop with Grammy and Papa Snyder. I am excited for the boys that they are able to get out of the heat and get a change of location. I am also excited that I have a quiet house for the weekend... YEEHAW!

Hugs from the Snyders!

~27 weeks and 4 days~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

">26 1/2 weeks preggo......!

Hello all, looks like we are moving right along and doing really well in the Snyder Home. I had another really fast ultrasound today and the babies are doing well. Heartbeats are strong and their amniotic fluid looks good. My next major doctors appointment doesn't happen until June 30th so it will be a bit of a waiting game until then.

I am finding that the newness of this situation has worn off and I am a little bit crazy these days as I am sure Brycen can tell you, but hang'n in there just the same I guess. I am always reminded that I could be letting all of this time pass in the luxury of a hospital room and it gives me a brightened perspective. We are a week and a half away from our second short term goal of 28 weeks and we are so thankful! Twenty-eight weeks has shown to be a good milestone for babies... there is a 90% survival rate of a baby born at this stage, and they typically catch up with other kids their age by 2 years old. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and love... it means the world to us to know that these boys are loved even before they have arrived.

~26 weeks 4 days~

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another good report!

Monday Night~Girls Night...

It has just been a few days since my last post, but they have been full days! On Monday night some of my very favorite girlfriends in the world decided that we could have our Monday night coffee at my house. It was quickly turned into a girls night/baby shower and we had a fun time just hanging out and talking about babies to come. Thank you to Teri for organizing it and all of you ladies for making the effort to help me forget about bedrest...mentally anyway!

I also went on a "hot" date with Brycen to the Drive-in movies and we saw the new Indiana Jones flick. Don't worry I took plenty of pillows and pushed my set all the way back so as to not compromise in my bedrest "duties". It was so refreshing to get out of the house and be alone with my hubby! We had a lite breeze the whole time and the weather was very nice... thank you Lord for that small gift.

Last but not least.... I had a good report from the doctor today at my checkup. I can report that the babies heart beats are very strong and they both have a good amount of amniotic fluid in their sacs which indicates that everything is working as it should and the medicine that I am taking for contractions is not negatively effecting the babies fluid. The Doctor said that we are doing very well and the best thing that I can do is just continue to be consistant with the bedrest. She said that the cervix is closed and the suture is doing it's job. All of this is great news and I am thrilled to report that there is nothing "dramatic" to report. As always, thank you for your continue prayers. Please pray specifically that I don't lighten up on the bedrest, but that I continue to take it very seriously despite all of the good news. Hugs.

~25 weeks 4 days~

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Specail Guest.......

This last weekend I had some extra special company with my lil' sista coming in from California to help with Canon and join me for some quality girl time! As you can imagine we spent the majority of our time in bed watching movies and gabbing out everything that sisters gab about. We ate lots of candy ( mostly due to the generous donations of Papa Darel ) and gave ourselves manicures while we watched the following; Memoires of a Geishia, Shrek 3, Ratateolli, Raising Arizona, Stranger Than Fiction, Skeleton Key, and I'm sure there were others... We had a great time just being girls and getting caught up.
Canon wasted no time showing auntie the ropes and getting her involved in all of his little adventures. They had bathtime fun and auntie spent most of the weekend attempting to hide her cell phone from a very sharp 18 month old! Brycen and I are very thankful for Jills company this weekend and are so grateful for all of her help with Canon. One things for sure... there is no shortage of love for that little boy. Hugs!

Kylie's 3rd Birthday Party!

Just in case anyone was wondering how Canon is handling all of the changes...wonder no longer. He is moving right along with new experiences and Kylies's 3rd Birthday party was one of those special times. On Sunday night Brycen and Canon joined everyone at the park for some pizza, watermelon, and a water splash pad. Brycen told me that Canon went crazy in the water as you can see from the picture.... It makes me happy to know that life doesn't stop and fun new experiences can be found for the little gipper even with mama on bedrest.

We have now made it to 25 weeks and I think we feel like time is moving by quickly which is a huge blessing. I have a long day here and there, but for the most part the weeks are flying by. My days are rarely the same and there is always someone dropping by to say hello or drop off a goody of some sort. Surprises like these have helped to break up the days and add some spice. Thanks to all of the friends and family adding that spice and we so appreciate your prayers and love. Hugs!

~25 weeks 1 day~