Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's finally cold for a change!

We have been waiting and waiting to come out of hibernation from the Arizona heat. We have been wanting so badly to go crazy and burn some energy off in the backyard and we finally got a day when it was pretty chilly... It heated up again about 4 days later, but we enjoyed the weather will we had the chance. I put the boys in several layers and tried to keep them in their hats and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take some pictures of these boys...

Hugs~ Hudson keeping entertained for several min. by something he found very amusing. He can keep his attention on one thing for a decent amount of time. He is very good at keeping himself busy.
Yes, even in AZ we still have a tree here and there that gives off some fall leaves.
Graham attempting to eat a weed that he found... that boy puts anything and everything into his mouth.. I am constantly keeping my eyes out for his next "trick".

Lil Hudson's nose was actually cold enough to get a little red.. see it was cold!
Canon likes to go to the outskirts of the yard and hide in the bushes... He can be a little interesting to figure out at times.

For once, a serious face on little Graham... so deep in thought about something.

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